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   There is a special, magical age for children that happens somewhere between the first and third birthdays when they become inexplicably afraid of having their picture taken. Sure, there are some who never go through this phase, but most do. And whether it's your first or seventh child, it tears at your heart each time. All you really want is just one picture, please and all your child wants is to run away, hide behind your legs and sob.

    And then, to add insult to injury- you're told by the photographer "I just don't think he's going to do it today, why don't you come back another time." As if you have all the time in the world, and the result is actually going to be different next Tuesday. Nevermind that, once he's been through this traumatic time (in his mind), it's going to be ten times harder just to get him in the door!


   We like to do things a little differently here. We understand your toddler's fragile emotions and we are more than patient with them. We want to get to know them! We will never rush you out the door after only a few minutes, because we believe every child has a story to tell, and even nervous, scared and crying children can make beautiful subjects. It just takes a little more time, a little more patience and a little more love. Here's a few tips to help you plan your toddler session to be successful!


  • Plan your session for a time when your child is fed and rested.
  • Include his favorite things in the photos! They're a part of his story too.
  • Be prepared to join him for a few shots, you'll be glad you did!
  • Tell her about it in advance, get her excited about it.
  • Involve him in the process, "What would you like to put in the picture?"
  • Consider doing your session at home or a familiar place.
  • Keep yourself calm and focused (much easier said than done!)


     Most importantly, you may need to revise your expectations. Sometimes, you have an image in your head that you want to recreate, and your child just isn't into it! Just because she's serious instead of smiling doesn't make her any less beautiful, or any less herself. We can't promise to make that image in your  mind a reality, but we can promise to give you some beautiful images no matter what your child's mood is. We can also promise to be patient and kind and wait for him to come to us!


And, if your child has had a previous bad experience, please let us know. Sometimes it's a sound, the dark or, in one case, the lights, that made him afraid, and sometimes it's just the perfect storm of no nap, no snack and a rushed photographer! Tell us about the experience and we can extend and tailor the session so it won't reopen old wounds. Sometimes all it takes is one positive experience to break the chain and get him to enjoy being a model. We want your toddler to be comfortable and happy, so that you get the images you deserve!