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    Family portraits aren't just about big smiles, who we are as individuals and as a family shines through in our interactions with each other; each and every one of these moments put together make up the story of a life.


     It's easy to forget to take a family portrait, especially when you're so busy living! But, what happens when life changes? What if you were to lose a loved one, and had never taken the time to capture the moments when you were all together and happy? Sure, you've taken a lot of candid photos with your own camera, but if you look closely, it's likely that you're not in many of them! You'll have tons of photos of the kids, tons of the grandparents, and even tons with dad or mom, but very few with all of you together.

     A Family Portrait at The Artistic Edge is not just one shot of the whole family smiling. A family portrait is a collection of images, each capturing one facet of your family story. Your family has so many stories to tell! Do you have a family game night, or a secret fishing hole? What do you do together, what are your inside jokes, what are your favorite moments with each other? A family portrait captures all of these and more; any story you want us to tell, we'll tell it beautifully and timelessly.



Families come in all shapes and sizes, and we welcome them all! Whether you have babies or fur-babies, Grandma or Uncle Pete, we know you have an amazing story to tell, because it's yours!

We do family portraits both indoors and on location at your home or your favorite family spot. Here's a few tips for a family shoot:

  • Pick a location that means something to you.
  • Write down some of the moments you want to capture, so we don't forget any!
  • Bring Props! If you fish together, bring the poles; if you're always yelling at your teen to stop texting, bring the phone! It's all part of your story and always welcome!
  • Be up front about how many stories you're looking to tell, this way we can schedule enough time to tell them all.
  • Don't be afraid to add in Grandma or other relatives, just let us know beforehand!
  • Be relaxed and ready to have a good time!